2013 MLB Winline Overachievers


1. Cubs o72.5   The lovable Cubs have been bad for many years at this point, but Theo Epstein seems to be steering the team in the right direction. The departure of the Astros will cost all of the remaining NL Central teams some wins, but outside of the Reds, the division does not possess […]

2013 MLB WinLine Underachievers


You can’ t predict baseball Susan….. Hey let’s try. 1. Orioles u78.5 The Orioles had a magical ride in 2012, clinching their first playoff berth since 1997. Almost dispelling the Yankees in the playoffs and taking the AL East crown, the Orioles exceeded all expectations. With all other teams in the AL East boasting at […]

Revisiting My MLB Win Predictions


I picked 5 teams I thought would exceed their expectations and 5 teams that would not in this post http://ath-lists.com/2012/04/06/team-to-exceedfall-short-of-expectations/. Let’s take a look at how I did. 5. San Diego Padres Expectations: 70 Wins Prediction: 76 Wins Considering the Padres won exactly 76 games, I would call this a win. They were not on […]

NFL Regular Season Win Lines: The Nasty North


AFC North The AFC North is always good for some intense defensive battles that usually are not too interesting and involve awkward field-goaly scores like 6 and 12. However, it usually boasts at least two playoff teams, and the division looks competitive going into 2012 as well. The Steelers and Ravens look to battle for […]

NFL Regular Season Win Lines: The Simple South


The AFC South After years of being projected to finally be relevant, the Houston Texans broke through in 2011. This was aided by a terrible AFC South, which featured two of the worst teams in the league in the Jaguars and Colts. Not much has changed in 2012: the division is still terrible and it […]

NFL Regular Season Win Lines: The Mild West


The AFC West As usual, the AFC West does not boast any teams that are primed to make a deep run in the playoffs. The Chargers have been the kings of this division for years, feasting on the inept Broncos, Chiefs, and Raiders. However, the Chargers, who usually choke in the playoffs, have expanded their […]

3 NBA Blockbuster Trades That Should Happen…But Won’t


In this busy season of NBA chatter, I figured I’d try to get a conversation started about trades that won’t happen…but should. Please comment and suggest others as you see fit. 1. Celtics/Lakers: Paul Pierce and Jared Sullinger for Pau Gasol. Celtics lifer Paul Pierce would be sent to his hometown of LA, along with […]

2012 AL All Star Final Vote


As usual, the MLB All Star game rosters elicit endless discussion over players being snubbed, how moronic voting fans are, and why this game is not simply an exhibition. The list of snubs is generally uniform: Greinke, Cueto, Reddick, etc. The picking of rosters is a highly inexact science and fans take this game way […]

BABIP Leaders 6/27/12 – Top 5


Hey we’re back! Time for another BABIP leaders list. There is only one repeat offender, as the others have returned to somewhat normal variance. The hitters on this list are some of the best in baseball, so it is not surprising to see them mentioned here. BABIP is defined as how many batted balls by […]

2011 BABIP Losers in 2012 – Top 5


Here are the bottom 5 hitters in baseball in BABIP in 2011, and how they are currently faring in 2012. Some may be suffering a decline in skill, while others find themselves more fortunate in 2012. There is a pattern among some of these players; most are hitting for low BABIPs specifically against their career […]


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