Greg Kane, a.k.a. Tony Delk Jr.
Founder and Editor in Chief

It’s time to write some lists. There’s nothing more provocative than my arguments for LeBron over the world (and nothing more right). So here we are, and we’re glad to have you. Partake, send us anything that comes to mind, comment on the lists, start some wars, and let’s have some fun. After all, why else are you here?

Brendan Roche
Co-Founder/Head Writer

Who doesn’t enjoy a good list? Even I find myself listening to Ryan Seacrest’s American Top 40 just on the sole fact that it is a list. Generally a good portion of these lists will be penned by yours truly, so feel free to send along hate mail, general comments, or photoshops of my blue self at the email above. I am a fan of random jerseys and will provide interesting trades for laundered goods.

Kyle deManincor a.k.a. K-Rose 23
Staff Writer

You like lists? I got one for you. Six-Time NBA Champion. Five-Time NBA MVP. Third on the all-time scoring list, and the highest scoring average in NBA history. The GOAT. Need I say more? We all know Michael Jordan is the greatest to ever play the game of basketball, but let’s hear what you think. That’s what we do here at Ath-Lists, where everyone has a voice when it comes to sports.

P.S. I look like Troy Murphy.

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