3 NBA Blockbuster Trades That Should Happen…But Won’t

In this busy season of NBA chatter, I figured I’d try to get a conversation started about trades that won’t happen…but should. Please comment and suggest others as you see fit.

1. Celtics/Lakers:

Paul Pierce and Jared Sullinger for Pau Gasol.

Celtics lifer Paul Pierce would be sent to his hometown of LA, along with potential first round steal Sullinger, for a much needed talented big to play alongside Kevin Garnett.

Impact on Lakers:

Kobe would get help on the perimeter with the scoring load. Imagine the inside out game Pierce and Kobe could play, as both shoot well and are good post-up players. If Andrew Bynum could buy into being a rebounding/shotblocking machine and not a three point shooter, this team could contend for the next two years. Sullinger has NBA ready offensive skills, but obviously the ball wouldn’t need to go through him for at least two years.

Impact on Celtics:

With Jason Terry on board, the Celtics will be able to focus on Rondo’s drive and dish style, either finding jumpshooting bigs Gasol and Garnett, or Ray Allen’s replacement beyond the arc. The loss of Pierce’s offense would have to be offset by a more scoring-minded Rondo.


Starting Five in 2012/13:


Steve Nash

Kobe Bryant

Paul Pierce

Josh McRoberts

Andrew Bynum



Rajon Rondo

Avery Bradley

Jeff Green

Pau Gasol

Kevin Garnett


2. Heat/Magic:

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh for Dwight Howard and Jason Richardson.

As the GM for the Magic, one needs to get maximum value for fickle uber-Center Dwight Howard, who is not walking through that door in 2013.

Impact on Magic:

Orlando would be getting max value for Howard and ditching bad contract of J. Rich.

Impact on Heat:

Need I even elaborate? Ok, here it goes: Lebron James and Dwight Howard are the two most physically dominant players at their positions on the planet. Pick and rolls, Lebron drive and dishes…please.

With only two giant contracts, and not three, the Heat could focus on building a true dynasty, not one where they need Derrick Rose to get injured, or almost lose to an aging and undermanned Celtic team, to win their titles.


Starting Five in 2012/13


Jameer Nelson

Dwyane Wade

Hedo Turkoglu

Glen Davis

Chris Bosh



Lebron James

Dwight Howard



3. Jazz/Thunder

Russell Westbrook for Al Jefferson

Impact on Thunder:

Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins are not going to get it done at C over the long run.

Kevin Durant’s scoring ability makes Westbrook a bit redundant, even though he is a beast. A competent PG, along with Durant, Ibaka, Jefferson and a combo of Sefolosha/Harden at SG would be a devastating lineup for the next 3-5 years.

Impact on Jazz:

The Jazz need an explosive scorer like Westbrook to play with big men Derrick Favors, Paul Millsap and Enes Kanter. Fill in the blanks with rising star SF Gordon Hayward, Mo Williams and Alec Burks and you’ve got a potentially well balanced team that at present is loaded up front, but weak at guard.


Starting Five in 2012/13


Derek Fisher

Thabo Sefolosha

Kevin Durant

Serge Ibaka

Al Jefferson



Russell Westbrook

Alec Burks

Gordon Heyward

Paul Millsap

Enes Kanter


By Chris Kuhn

cover photo: Wally Skalij- LA Times

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